SonicGumboCoverNew album ‘Sonic Gumbo’ is NOW AVAILABLE and we are selling it online as a CD (£10+£1p&p) or as a complete album mp3 download (£8). The album features 13 tracks all written and performed by Oliver, Chris and Phil. PLEASE BUY IT DIRECT FROM US OTHERWISE AMAZON, DOWNLOADERS ETC KEEP 90+% OF THE MONEY YOU PAY.

From Sonic Gumbo – listen to Second Hand Guitar Dealer and Sail That Ship

To buy Sonic Gumbo as a CD for £10


To Buy Sonic Gumbo as an mp3 Digital Download for £8

To buy BOTH Sonic Gumbo and Life of Riley for £15

We still have copies of ‘Life of Riley’ our first album with Abby Brant. Life of Riley not only features Oliver, Chris and Abby but also a number of other fantastic musicians who we brought in to create a whole different treatment to the songs including Remi Harris (guitars), Tony Baylis (drums and percussion), John Sanderson (saxes), Li’l Neill (trombone), Beth Naylor (vocals). With 13 tracks, 12 of which are individually or collectively written by Chris, Oliver and Abby, and containing our British Blues Awards nominated song ‘Nice Work’ (nominated in the Best Original Song category).

From Life of Riley –  listen to Nice Work and The Moment

To buy just Life of Riley for £10