SCHOOLS and Mumbo

We’ve recently been involved in some schools workshops and performances as part of the Upton Blues Festival Educational Programme and some others for the Music Matters programme run by Anna Martin in rural Worcestershire. We all had a real ball, especially at the final performance bringing together all 300 kids (pre and primary schools) involved in the project where we invented the Jazz Haka and got them all doing it.

How did we do?

“I must compliment you and your ‘Mumbo-Jumbo’ colleagues for your work there – you held down reliable, clear, steady & confident grooves in the midst of hundreds of noisy & excited kids all through a packed programme – not an easy job, but you did it cheerfully, and were instrumental in keeping order, focus & a fun atmosphere. I’d recommend you.”

Dennis Schiavon (administrator) Music Pool, 

“Oliver and his colleagues from Mumbo-Jumbo gave us three fantastic days of Jazz workshops as part of our Music Matters community music project (funded by Youth Music).  All four musicians had a natural talent with their music as well as the way in which they worked with such a diverse range of ages and abilities (over 300 children aged 3 months to 11 years, all members of staff at each setting as well as a host of parents, carers and school governors).
The workshops were really fun, lively and engaging creative music making sessions which introduced us to the history, culture, rhythms and instruments of Jazz.  The musicians used a variety of new and old jazz music to demonstrate the nature of jazz, and at the end of each day there was a celebratory performance which involved everyone making music together.  We used our singing voices as well as kazoos, shaky eggs, ukeleles, and drums, and it was clear to see (and hear) just how much fun was being had!
We’d like to say a huge thank you and really hope to work with you again.”
Anna Martin, Project Manager, Music Matters (Youth Music funded Community Music Project, Worcestershire)