Rural Touring – Village Hall Show

“One phenomenal live band” – Live & Local

Mumbo-Jumbo has developed a brand new village hall show ‘Four Hands and a Horn’ with the addition of Phil Bond’s fabulous fingers’No Hit Wonders’, a brand show specifically designed for the intimate atmosphere of the village hall following on from the successful ‘No Hit Wonders’, ‘Troubadours & Raconteurs’ and ‘Blues & Kazoos’ shows.

Available for bookings, the new show combines all of the musicianship and songwriting skills you expect combined with chat and laughter from the guys who have been individually and now collectively on the edge of the big time for over 40 years each.

“We were so moved …….. very clever show ……… laughed all the way home….” Armathwaite Old School Hall, Cumbria

Mumbo-Jumbo have been working with Live & Local (Worcs, Warks, Lincs, Staffs, Derbys, Notts and Leics) Arts Out West (Cumbria), Air in G (Gloucestershire), Take Art (Somerset), Pound Arts (Wiltshire), Live Borders (Scotland), Night Out WalesHighlights NorthCreative Arts East, and Spot On Lancashire  and our 120+ official village hall shows to date are marked on the map!

We wrote our own Village Hall Song to celebrate all that is marvellous about Rural Touring. We also bring a lot of kazoos – check this out.

As experienced rural tourers we bring our own lighting and sound systems and come with our own technician – all we need from the village halls is electricity. We have recently introduced a new improved lighting show which is getting lots and lots of compliments from village halls, and really makes a difference to the ambience of the event.

We are also very easy to feed with no allergies or specific requirements. We love our food and are very happy to be fed!

“your show was a highlight of the year, as was meeting you all. Fantastic music”  John Gardner, Live Borders Promoter, Scotland

“Brilliant band – the guys are clearly a close group of friends who are very comfortable playing together, so they blend seamlessly, both musically and with their presentation. Hosting wise – they win our ‘most efficient band’ for being prompt, thoughtful, well organised and doing set-up/break down calmly in record time. I would recommend them.”  Jane Rothery, Broadwell Evergreen Hall, Air in G Promoter, Gloucestershire

“Mumbo-Jumbo are well-loved stars of the rural touring circuit and this show combines their fun and catchy music alongside their warm audience patter – a great entertaining night out for all.” Karen Jeremiah, Community Touring Manager, Creative Arts East.

“I really enjoyed the gig on Friday – it was so well-suited to the space and the feedback I was received was excellent.” Kate Lynch, Co-Director, Highlights North Touring Scheme

“Their wit and tongue-in-cheek style is a delight for audiences.” Live & Local Rural Touring Scheme

“If you are looking for an uplifting evening that combines excellent music, witty banter and audience participation, Mumbo Jumbo will not disappoint! From the moment the band came on stage with a big cheerful hello it was clear that this was going to be an  enjoyable evening. Throughout the night they took the mood effortlessly from  levity – ‘Bald Spot’- to poignancy – ‘Those Frail Few’ and back again.” Kerry Ferguson, St John’s Church Long Eaton, Live & Local Promoter

‘…powerful acoustic line up and good harmonies wrapping around some strong songs and careful arrangements. They like to engage the audience with their own brand of self deprecating humour too.’ Tim Porter, Brailes, South Warwickshire

“Three very talented musicians/songwriters with strong voices and some amazing music. A great evening of musical entertainment and audience participation.” Sue Griffiths, Bishampton Village Hall, Live & Local promoter