We enjoy pulling together video’s of our songs. We hope you enjoy them.

DRUNK IN CHARGEDecember 2017. A live performance recording of our louche late night of what might happen when even the piano has been drinking.

NO DEVIL AT THE CROSSROADS – December 2016. No-one comes to sell their soul anymore so the Devil has given up and stayed at home watching Britain’s Got Talent. (Sonic Gumbo)

REJOICE – September 2016. Simple straightforward message – just Rejoice in Life! (Sonic Gumbo)

THOSE FRAIL FEW – November 2017. A song of remembrance written following the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings (Sonic Gumbo)

152 WORDSCareful with this one. September 2017. Live recording of a song about the 152 words that OFCOM has said are the most offensive and it contains lots of them. It considers whether the words themselves are really offensive and the strangeness of all that admin, market research and expense to document it. This song doesn’t get performed in public very often!! Credit to Flanders & Swann for the sound.

THE VILLAGE HALL SONG – A celebration of all that is fantastic about Rural Touring

We have also just put together a Hymn to Americans which encourages Americans not to fall for bombastic rhetoric and not to vote for Donald Trump….. so that clearly didn’t work! It was recorded by the No-Trump Choir.

We also have videos from when Abby was in the band.

BALD SPOT – now over 2400 views!

NICE WORK  – Nominated for Best Original Song – British Blues Awards now over 2500 views!

Upton Blues Festival – The Flashmob Choir – over 750 views

BBC Introducing Session – November 2012

Blues at The Fold 2011 – a selection of tunes also featuring Remi Harris